Showing January 16, 2018 – March 4, 2018

The diverse collection of acrylic, oil pastel and mixed media artwork was created by Royal Oak business owners and residents Jason Rice and Stephen Fleck.

Left: Stephen Fleck
Right: Jason Rice

Jason Rice is co-owner of Changez Salon and is a self-taught artist inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, Art Nouveau and Impressionism Photography and Film. He is a Redken Certified Colorist who has also worked in editorial styling and in the fashion industry for 25 years.

I wanted to explore this idea I had. I had been basing my entire personality on the belief that I would never be an artist outside of my Trade. I felt that I was fundamentally flawed and incapable of learning. However, one of my favorite quotes from a friend reads, ‘Denied creativity is NOT benign.’ My denied creative energy kept coming back to me, in unpredictable and volatile forms.

My Husband is a huge source of inspiration for me, his presence asks me to “show up” to life. That spirit infuses my art. To paint my inner life, whatever it may be, to share it with another, opens my Heart, stretches my Mind and helps to realign my Soul.

Stephen Fleck earned his BFA in painting in 1982 and is the behind the scenes partner at Changez Salon. Stephen has worn many hats in life as an artist, dancer, therapist, professor and small business owner. Currently, in addition to being dedicated to his craft as an artists, he also divides his time between his private practice as a psychologist and supporting the business aspects of running Changez Salon.

He considers himself a visual expressionist favoring abstract painting, as well as, themes of self-reflection primarily utilizing acrylic and oil pastels in his work. Stephen draws inspiration from emotional reflection, movement and spontaneity represented through his detailed use of texture and color layering.

After periods of both chaos and solitude throughout my childhood, I am committed on a life journey to spread joy, love and encourage others to live an authentic life. These themes are not only seen in my professional life as a therapist and salon owner, but in my personal life as a husband, friend, and of course as an artist.

Art is where I escape in a way to do self-reflection, refuel, and create. All my pieces represent a small aspect of my personal journey- an organic time line of my life story. Being an artist and having an opportunity to share with the public brings me infinite joy.

Please join us for the Opening Reception on Sunday February 4 between 2:00-4:30 pm; complimentary appetizers and beverages will be served.

221 ~ Two Men, Two Artists, One Love